Donald Diary #6

Dear mister President,

After a week like this, with a stream of news that appeared to be unending, it’s quite a challenge to single out one topic. I could write about the departure of misses Sanders, about whales or your foggy remarks about hypothetical reactions to fictional meddling in election campaigns, however something else keeps dawning in my thoughts. It was brutal, it was painfull and it seemed to be merciless as well.

One of your crushes turned you down. Boris did it in public, for the entire world to see. Your obvious efforts to court Downing Streets crown prince failed. While imagining you -armed with a boil of icecream and a spoon, or just another bucket of fried chicken – eating away your grief, I wonder how long it will take you to revanch yourself.

Boris claimed he was too busy to meet with you, though you were the one who crossed the ocean. Normally, someone who publicly thwarts you, can prepare him- or herself for your rage. Will you wait with your attacks until after the conservative leadership elections? That kind of restraint seems unlikely, but it would testify to your often heavily doubted statesmenship.

Although visually there are a number of similarities between Johnson and yourself, and although you seemed to be struck by love at first sight, I think the two of you are to cocky to get along. Perhaps somewhere soon you’ll come to the conclusion that one unpredictable leader in the free west is more than enough.


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